Christmas Vacation: How to Keep the Holidays Special While Traveling

Christmas Vacation: How to Keep the Holidays Special While Traveling

A growing trend in America is to take a vacation during winter break instead of spending Christmas at home. This is actually the ideal time of year for a vacation because school is out, work is on break, and the weather is freezing.

One of the reasons that families are avoiding this trend is because it cuts into Christmas, destroying the traditions and magic. The children can no longer race down the stairs to unwrap presents under the Christmas tree before heading over to grandma’s house.

At Apple Specials, we want your journey to be fantastic, which is why we have come up with some travel tips to help you have your vacation, but not miss out on Christmas.

1) Bring presents: This seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people either open their gifts before leaving or delay them until they return. Just check them on the plane or mail them to the hotel! It may cost a little, but will make the vacation that much more exciting.

2) Decorate: It might seem ridiculous to decorate a hotel room or cruise ship cabin, but it is also fun! Buy some Christmas lights, tinsel, and a wreath at your location to spread the festive spirit.

3) Fooooooood! You don’t have to bake a holiday ham, but you should get some ginger bread cookies and eggnog. And while you’re tanning by the pool, order a martini with a hint of peppermint.

Even Mr. & Mrs. Claus need a vacation…

4) Local Culture: Most places you will travel will have their own holiday traditions, especially if it is an American location like Hawaii. You should explore the customs of your vacation city to see how they celebrate.

5) A Big Surprise: If you really want to make this Christmas vacation special for your kids, take all of the aforementioned tips, but do them all on Christmas Eve while they’re asleep. When they wake up, a winter wonderland will await!

Have fun enjoying you vacation this winter and Happy Holidays!

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