Hawaii Vacations: Kona Village Resort

Kona Village Resort on Hawaii’s Big Island was a truly relaxing way to escape the complications and hassles of normal life. Opened in 1965, for 45 years this bungalow resort has been accepting travelers and offering peace and serenity. Unfortunately, as of March 2011, an earthquake-generated tsunami wiped out the resort, causing it to close its doors for repairs.

Here is a quote from a representative of the resort; “We are very thankful for the spirit of “aloha” and support we received from our community and guests who have visited us over the years… It is with a heavy heart that we are closing Kona Village, but the damage to the property was severe enough to render it inoperable.”

Apple Vacations highly recommended Kona Village Resort for Hawaii vacations, rating it with 5/6 red apples and as an affordable destination. And it should be even nicer when it re-opens, whenever that may be. Until then, you will have to look for another Big Island resort for your Hawaii vacations. But here is a review of Kona Village Resort, which shall only improve after the remodel.

About Kona Village Resort

A honeymoon vacation was ideal at Kona Village Resort, because there were no telephones, televisions, or radios to disturb the calming atmosphere, just you and your new spouse enjoying the tropical paradise. Certainly this is not a place for everybody, families might want a hotel where they can park the kids in front of the TV, but those looking for some tranquility needed not look any further.

In addition, there were 2 outdoor swimming pools and three tennis courts, so even without technological distractions, there was plenty of fun to be had!

Things to Do in Hawaii!

Most Hawaii vacations are made special by the proximity to the Pacific Ocean and all the water sports that entails. Amongst the most popular are snorkeling and scuba diving, which allow guests to explore the beautiful nature under seas, such as tropical fish and brilliant coral reefs. Of course, more extreme activities are also fun, such as surfing, wake boarding, JetSkiing, and wind surfing. And then there are intermediate water sports that require less energy, like kayaking and paddle boating.

Golf enthusiasts love Hawaii vacations for the wide assortment of golf courses available. Near Kona Village Resort, the two Waikoloa Resort Courses offer 36 holes of fun amongst 5,000-year-old lava flows.

More Big Island Resorts

Obviously, Kona Village Resort is not a current choice for travelers, but that does not exclude other incredible options amongst the other Big Island resorts. Here are two reviews for Apple vacations from our Travel Experts of other Big Island Resorts: Four Seasons Resort Hualalai and Sheraton Keauhou Bay

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