Hawaiian Vacations: Lanai in the Hawaii Islands

Hawaii encompasses over 100 volcanic islands. Of the hundred Hawaiian Islands, there are eight that are main islands, of which Lanai is the sixth largest. The island of Molokai is to the north and Maui is located to the east. It is shaped like and apostrophe and it is known as the “Pineapple Island” because it used to be home to the world’s largest pineapple plantation when a large chunk of the island was bought by the Dole Food Company in 1922. In the past 20-30 years, the main focus of the “Pineapple Island” has shifted from being a pineapple plantation to a more tourism-focused economy. The island of Lanai offers a great place for a quiet, romantic getaway that is more private than the typical tourist crowds on the popular Hawaiian vacation destinations. That makes Lanaii the perfect spot for guests who want a Hawaiian vacation, but also want a little privacy and relaxation. Honeymooners will love this island. Many travelers purchase one of the all inclusive vacation packages that are available for this great location.

Activities on Lanai

Lanai has plenty of things to do.  There are two world-class golf courses on the island. Play a round of golf or two on this island while enjoying the majestic terrain. You will need a four-wheel drive vehicle to explore most of Lanai’s attractions as they are located more inland. If you like to hike, then visit the famous Puu Pehe Rock, which is close to the southeastern part of the beach. This is a great place to explore some of the great beauty that a Hawaiian vacation provides.

Some travelers would also like to visit more than one of the islands during their stay, while some return travelers choose to only visit Lanai and enjoy the seclusion and golf that this island offers. Either way, you should be able to find great deals for vacations to all Hawaii destinations, including all inclusive vacation packages that offer all the dining options and activities you desire.

Weather and Climate

The weather in Lanai, like elsewhere in Hawaii, is perfect almost year round, with its tropical climate consisting of a wet season and a dry season. During the months of November though April, the highs are in the low 80’s and lows are in the 60’s. During these months you may also experience some passing rain showers. During the dry season of May through October, it is even warmer with highs in the upper 80’s. The weather will be near perfect no matter when you take your next Hawaiian vacation!

Additional Information

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