Mexico Vacations: Krystal Ixtapa Resort

One of the most popular countries for travelers on vacation is Mexico. Many travelers have heard of the popular Mexican vacation spots such as Cancun and Puerto Vallarta that offer amazing all inclusive vacation packages. But have you heard of Ixtapa? It is probably safe to assume you have not. Most people have not heard of it and have no idea what to expect from an Ixtapa vacation. But the location can offer a great alternative to the other overcrowded Mexican tourist areas, while still providing luxury at fantastic resorts, like the Krystal Ixtapa.


Climate and Geography

Ixtapa is located in the Mexican Riviera and has 26 kilometers of hilly coastline. This tropical paradise has dozens of scalloped coves and pearly white beaches set against the contrasting brilliant blue waters of the ocean. In the native Nahuatl tongue, the name “Ixtapa” is pronounced “eeks-TAH-pa”. The name means “the white sand place”. Everywhere you look there are gorgeous beaches and wildlife lagoons.

Ixtapa is located in Banderas Bay and is north of another popular area, Puerto Vallarta, which also has many all inclusive vacation packages available. The weather is near perfect year round with an average day time high of 78.8 degrees. And be sure to pack those sunglasses because the sun shines her almost 340 days per year.

Things to do in Ixtapa

If you are looking to go back in time, then take a short drive to the next town over, Zihuatanejo. Zihuatanejo is a rural fishing village that seems like it has been transported back to another age. Its small-town atmosphere makes it feel like a dreamland and it is a representation of the harmony you will experience on an Ixtapa vacation.

Krystal Ixtapa is a secret spot, unknown even to people who frequently take Mexico vacations. The Krystal Ixtapa is rated as a five-star resort. Official population data estimates there are 6,406 residents in Ixtapa, so while it is still a small town it is not too small. There is plenty of entertainment to choose from either, wet or dry. Play a few rounds of golf on one of two world-class golf courses, enjoy some nightlife, or go shopping at the nearby promenade paved with bricks and beachfront. There are also plenty of great dining options.

Krystal Ixtapa

The Krystal Ixtapa has 255 oceanfront rooms. This spectacular resort used to be a coconut plantation and is still surrounded by lots of space and tropical vegetation. Everyone is welcome at this 5-star resort; whether you are a family with young children, a newly wed, or a couple celebrating your 20th anniversary, you will have a great time while enjoying this spot for Apple vacations. And don’t forget to check out the most spectacular swimming pool in all of Ixtapa during your stay, a pair of panoramic pools underneath cascading waterfalls.

Also, enjoy cuisine from the three restaurants at Krystal Ixtapa, including fare such as seafood and Mexican. You will certainly enjoy a relaxing dinner at these facilities, free from the typical tourist bustle associated with Mexico vacations.

Ixtapa vacations are certainly a unique experience. If you are tired of noisy tourists, spring-breakers, and over-crowded beaches, try this peaceful location and the Krystal Ixtapa resort.

Additional Information

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