Spring Break Planning: Time to Find the Perfect Place to Vacation

Spring Break Planning: Time to Find the Perfect Place to Vacation

The life of a college student is stressful (in a not-actually-stressful kind of way), filled with classes, studying, extra-curricular activities, and testing, with some partying thrown in for good measure.

Right now, most universities on the quarter system are gearing up for finals. While preparing for the big exam is the number one priority (or should be), the time to start planning your Spring Break is getting close. If you wait too long, airline tickets and hotel rooms will just become more expensive and certain locations will book all of their rooms.

Take some time now to put down your text books and keg cups to browse through Apple Vacations for great rates on top Spring Break destinations.

Mexico: The Gold Standard

Spending spring break in Mexico is as American as Grandma and Apple computers.

What do you want from a spring break location? Sunshine and beaches, with crowds of co-eds as the cherry on top. Mexico has been serving this role for decades and will continue to be the non-Florida hot spot for college students.

Of course, when you think of vacationing in Mexico, the first place that springs to mind (pun intended) is Cancun, which is almost synonymous with fun.

Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos are also great cities, with pristine white beaches, unbelievable views, and tons of fun activities. Find terrific Apple vacations to these locations before they get completely booked.

Relax in the Caribbean

Maybe you’re not the partying type. Maybe your Saturday nights are spent at a movie theater or campus club, not at a frat house. Well the Caribbean could be just your speed.

With luxurious resorts that cater to your every whim, you may find the Caribbean Islands, including Jamaica, Bermuda, and the Dominican Republic, have relaxing alternatives to the fast-paced Mexican nightlife.

This isn’t saying that the Caribbean is boring- quite the contrary. You can certainly find resort towns that attract college-aged kids seeking fun and adventure just as readily as those seeking tanning and sleep.

Get Lai-ed in Hawaii

The final favorite spot is Hawaii. What benefits does Hawaii have over the other locations?

First of all, you don’t have to worry about many of the dangers that come with leaving the country, like drug-cartel crime. While major Mexican tourist cities are generally safe, there are dangers beyond their borders.

Secondly, there is no language barrier. You can speak English without the fear of misinterpretation of miscommunication, which is only bad if you’re trying to brush up on your Spanish.

Lastly, Hawaii vacations offer all of the advantages of Mexico and Caribbean vacations, without the sense of Wild West lawlessness. Some resort towns get too rowdy during Spring Break, making it impossible for families or couples to enjoy themselves. While the past decade has seen these cities reign in the craziness, there is still some over-excessive celebrating. Meanwhile, it is much easier for Hawaiian authorities to maintain control.


Regardless of where you end up, have a fun trip and remember this: you’re only young once, so enjoy!

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