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Millions of travelers book Hawaii vacations each year—Hawaii is the United States’ own piece of tropical paradise that’s accessible without a passport. Gorgeous resorts and hotels make travel to Hawaii easy, but don’t expect to find as many Hawaii all inclusive destinations as you will in other regions such as the Caribbean or Mexico—most Hawaii hotels and resorts offer traditional vacation packages, allowing travelers to explore the islands and seek out meals and drink spots as they wish.

Pretty much every American citizen has daydreamed of taking Hawaii vacations or even relocating to the beautiful island state. Checking out special deals on Apple vacations any time of year can make this daydream a beautiful reality at a much more affordable cost than you might imagine.

Most Hawaiian vacations at luxury resorts and hotels are booked on six of the eight main islands: The Big Island, Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Lanai and Molokai. All of the Islands boast amazing scenery, tropical foliage, mountainous views, gorgeous cliffs, beaches and turquoise seas. Some islands are more remote than others and will offer a bit more privacy vs. bustling tourism—pick your Hawaii vacation destinations to suit what appeals to you most.

Whale watching, surfing, water sports, sport fishing and scuba diving are just some of the Hawaii vacation-friendly activities that are available on all of the tourist areas of the Hawaiian Islands. The vibrant Polynesian cultural traditions of the Hawaiian natives and landscape provides a charming and pleasant backdrop for Hawaii vacations on any of the beautiful islands.

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