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Couples Swept Away Reviews

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Couples Swept Away offers the intimacy of a private villa and the romantic ambiance of a tropical hideaway. Mind and body are soothed by the warm waters and even warmer welcome you will find here. From scuba diving and sailing to spa treatments and y...
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Couples Swept Away

Honestly, this has to be qualified as one of the best resorts i have been to. Quite an experience actually, and was referred to us by SVH travel, and with a great deal also, i really enjoyed it, lots of people yet so roomy. Great view and the beach was just indescribably perfect. One of the best vacations Ive been to in a while.

Submitted by Adrian on Mar 07, 2011

Past my expectations

I just love this hotel because when we arrived the staff was very courteous. They sent us to the bar and we had a drink and relaxed until we were sent to our room. The beach was beautiful and we spent most of our time there. This was just a perfect vacation and I would love to go back. I had never been to a Couples resort, but it did not disappoint me.

Submitted by Lucine on Mar 05, 2011

Couples Swept Away

I really could say that i was for a fact swept away without a doubt. A wonderland of couples, quiet, sweet, soothing and most importantly PERFECT. Filled with romantic places to go and spend time with your loved one. Couldn't recommend this even more than i am now, i mean if you don't pick this as a honeymoon or a couples get away... just go again! to this place it really is something unseen. I loved it, thank you SVH.

Submitted by Steve G. on Dec 26, 2010