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Riu Palace Aruba Reviews

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The new Riu Palace Aruba, formerly known as Riu Aruba Grand will bring Riu's legendary service, All-Inclusive concept and highest level of amenities to Aruba for the first time. Located on the famed Palm Beach, this dazzling property will include 45...
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Riu Palace Aruba

Riu Palace Aruba was an absolute perfect getaway an all inclusive resort has
Never been this good and I’m just shocked on how amazing the price deal was thank you so much SVH

Submitted by Dennis P. on Jan 27, 2012

Riu Palace Aruba

This trip was just want I need and apple specials delivered it to me perfectly, with no confusion, you can label me as one happy costumer and send me on another vacation very soon.

Submitted by Jay Wallce on Jan 23, 2012

Great Hotel!

This hotel is one of the best. Will never forget this hotel as an option to go somewhere. The food was just delicious and the pools were huge. Thanks to for a recommendation to this hotel.

Submitted by Janet on Nov 16, 2011

Great PLace!

I wil recommend this hotel to you. I am very happy with for giving my this package for very cheap and that gave me a ocean-view room. I am very pleased with the service this hotel gives you.

Submitted by Shery on Oct 31, 2011

Riu Palace Aruba

A good place, recommendable, the rooms were nice and cozy and the food was different everyday well to me it left that affect and i really liked that about the hotel. Im also happy about the price i got on this trip, Thank you Vic and SVH travel. i will be visiting back soon.

Submitted by Taylor on Mar 07, 2011


I loved this hotle because of its service and deals it had. The service was unbeilevible and if you had a problem like the safe witch I had because It wouldnt open and I called the front desk and in 1minute they arrived and fixed it. I also apprecialted the designs of the hotel and cleaness. Very great pool fantastic rooms. All thanks to Svh Tours And Travel.

Submitted by Gorge Fraymen on Dec 30, 2010

Amazing Service...Amazing Hotel!

I was looking for a hotel to visit in Aruba about 2 months ago. I was looking through and found youtube videos under applespecials1. I was amazed at how many videos there were, all recorded by the user. It was very helpful to see a tourists' perspective on a hotel, so you could understand what the hotel is really about. That is how i found this hotel, I really loved it! I got an outstanding deal for this hotel, and learned that this site is run by SVH Tours and Travel inc., one of AppleVacations crystal apple agents, and Riu's top account. Overall I am so satisfied that I will probably visit another Riu Hotel over New Year Holiday, with the whole family!

Submitted by Jonathan White on Nov 14, 2010