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Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas Reviews

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This magnificent beachfront property offers all the features and amenities you've come to expect from Riu Resorts. Breathtaking architecture elegant restaurants and luxury accommodations, all surrounded by splendid tropical gardens.

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Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas

Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas has got to be heaven on earth i mean i didn't regret picking it at all, all thanks to apple specials and Vic i appreciate it very much.

Submitted by Greg J. on Jan 23, 2012

Great Hotel!!!!!!

Anything you wanted you got. Anything you asked for you got. Anything you wished for you got. This hotels staff and service were the best Ive ever seen. I recommend you this hotel.

Submitted by Edward on Nov 16, 2011

Less than stellar

Stayed here in Fall 2008 with my parents, friends, and family from outside the US. The food was alright. Service at the beach and at the bars was great. This is not a great place to swim in the ocean due to waves and currents but you can provided the weather is calm. The pools were very nice, however, and you can sit in the pool and view the ocean while drinking. The food here is standard for any Riu. It seems like all Riu's have the same menu. The beach was nice and wide and you can walk around. The one thing that we did not care for was the fact that my parents inadvertently left their camera at a table after entertainment,, which was then turned into the front desk lost and found by another patron, was stolen by the staff working behind the counter. The patron who found it knew my parents from other night, told them he found it and together they went to retrieve it. It was logged into the lost and found book by the patron but never found. The manager then attempted to pull a fast one to get my parents to sign a release and only pay them about a quarter of what the camera is worth, if that. It was not until after the trip and contact with Riu headquarters that we received all the money back for the camera. So, ultimately it worked out but the mood was soured by the entire event once we learned that things get stolen at the hotel and management did not care to handle the matter in a professional manner.

Submitted by APK on Dec 15, 2010

Magnificent Hotel

magnificent beachfront property with breathtaking architecture, elegant restaurants and luxury accommodations,Specially When You Booked Thru Applespecials,You Are Grate!!

Submitted by Fred K on Nov 17, 2010

One of The Best All Inclusive Resort in Cabo

one of The Best All Inclusive Resort In Cabo Sun Lucas ,Specially Food,Driks,Entertainment,Rooms,

Submitted by Mark S on Nov 15, 2010