15 Feb Les Cols Pavellons Hotel: Girona, Spain

The Les Cols Pavellons in Girona, Spain is by far one of the most unique hotel stays in the world. It’s an experience completely encased in glass.

Peace and Privacy

In the little Spanish town of Olot outside of Girona and near the Garrotxa National Park, the Les Cols Pavellons Hotel was built to offer guests a different kind of peace and privacy.

The rooms aren’t called rooms but are literally something else. Hotel owners Judit Planella and Joaquim Puigdevall call them pavilions. The words room and suite simply don’t match the type of stay experience they have invented.

The Pavilions of Les Cols Pavellons

The hotel has five of these pavilions. Only two people can reserve one pavilion. The entire series of them are interconnected glass-and-steel boxes. They aren’t decorated. There is no furniture. The bed is a big black futon. Relax on the bed and look up to take in what you can through the glass, a panoramic view of the region’s beautiful natural landscape.

Look down to find a glass floor at your feet. Through the glass, an illuminated bare earth is in plain sight as well as a landscape of black rocks meant to represent the volcanic landscapes of the nearby Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park.
A small patio is attached to each pavilion. Empty spaces are used for meditation. A heated onsen, which is a Japanese hot spring bath, trickles warm water peacefully into a pebbled square shaped soaking tub. The tub is heated to a constant 99.2° F. The toilet is a steel shape built into the glass.

Peace and Privacy

In lieu of curtains, there’s technology to ensure privacy. Touch a screen and the walls turn black. The control panel lets you control temperatures and light points as well. At Les Cols Pavellons there is no television or a phone in the pavilions. There aren’t any familiar luxury gadgets and this prevents a five-star rating. However, the entire hotel design has earned the hotel architecture team top prizes.

While it may not be of official five-star status, it is a famous getaway. Les Cols Pavellons has been called one of Europe’s most unusual accommodations. The stay experience is certainly different, and some may call it strange or weird. No one can argue Les Cols Pavellons is unique. The absolute minimalism is meant to be a relaxing mental retreat.

Michelin Starred Restaurant at Les Cols

Next door to the hotel is another outstanding travel experience in the form of a Michelin-starred restaurant. Housed in a 13th-century Catalan country house, the restaurant at Les Cols has earned two of the coveted culinary stars thanks to Fina Puigdevall’s menu that is based on local dishes and local Garratoxa products such as buckwheat, potatoes, sweet corn, beans, truffles, snails, poultry, pork and ratafia liquor.

Les Cols is also known in the culinary world as one of the most beautiful restaurants in the world. Simple yet classy with volcanic stone walls, the venue features a terraced banquet spaces and perfect views of nature. Set in an orchard and surrounded by the lush beauty of the area, the restaurant’s dining area faces its organic garden so guests can see all the seasonal products that are being grown on the property and utilized in the award-winning dishes. Here, a modern restaurant successfully integrates with nature.

Explore Girona

Les Cols Pavellons and its Michelin-starred restaurant are a package for anyone seeking a relaxing getaway near Girona, a countryside town less than an hour drive from Barcelona. Often called a “mini Barcelona,” Girona is also very much an ancient city. With charming winding streets, charming paths and storied fortress walls, Girona is known for its history, beauty and charm. Nearby, beach lovers can spend the day at the rocky coast of beautiful Costa Brava beaches. During the winter season, skiers can hit the nearby Pyrenees ski resorts.

It’s also where you can get up close to Girona’s fantastic natural wonder that has inspired Les Cols Pavilions Hotel’s unique architecture and design: Garrotxa’s Volcanic Zone. This zone is the most well-preserved volcanic terrain in the region and the most significant volcanic area on the Iberian Peninsula. There are more than 40 volcanic cones and 20 lava flows. Views are a gorgeous swirl of colors from deep reds, greys to black. At La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park, hiking enthusiasts can choose from 28 walking routes that pass through beautiful slopes of the natural park area. Paths are set through olive trees, pretty orchards and pine forests.

More Travel Tips: Visit Girona

  • Only an hour from the French border, Girona is a border city with lots of French influences.
  • In Girona, the language spoken is Catalan.
  • Girona has one of the best preserved Jewish quarters in all of Europe.
  • The Onyar River flows through Girona, and the city’s multicolored houses are known to reflect beautifully off the water.
  • In Girona, you’ll find hearty Catalan cuisine and lots of French influenced specialties including crepes.
  • Girona is also home to the famous restaurant El Cellar de Can Roca. There’s also well-known gelato shop called Rocambolesc Gelateria.
  • Night time walks in Girona are a must for the romantic. The city is known to light up in a striking way.
  • Be sure to visit Girona’s famous lion statue. If you climb the platform and give it a kiss on its bum you will return to Girona.

Have you ever experienced a unique hotel stay such as Les Cols Pavellons or visited the Girona region of Spain?

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